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Tutor Me – Tuition Services

Private Tuition

After an initial consultation with one of our tuition centre managers, we will assign a member of our team best suited to your child’s needs. That tutor then works alongside you, your child and the school to maximise academic progress, while making learning fun, interactive and engaging.


During half-term holidays, we set up holiday clubs to keep your child actively learning and in the lead-up to exams, we lay on crash courses to help your child revise, refresh and retain the building blocks of their learning journey.


By keeping class sizes small, we are able to ensure that each student’s needs are directly addressed. That helps them become confident and independent learners with a vested interest in the development of their own knowledge and skillset. We also compile regular reports, charting progress, celebrating success and promoting a flexible and positive approach to learning.

Online Tuition

Remote learning is becoming a crucial element in the educational toolkit and our 1-2-1 Online Tuition platform enables you to take full advantage of that. Designed to free you from the constraints of time and location, it ensures that every child in the country has an equal opportunity to achieve academic success. Our platform can be accessed 7 days a week and sessions can be recorded so you can revisit key areas and ensure that each new stage of the learning journey makes perfect sense.


About Our Lessons

  • Tuition sessions of 60 minutes
  • Small groups (max 5)
  • Girls only sessions
  • After-school tuition
  • Saturday and Sunday tuition
  • Flexible timings to work around your schedule


Tuition Cost

Tuition starts from as little as £7.50 per hour. We offer discounts for siblings and for longer-term tuition programmes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone on 0333 358 2833 or alternatively via e-mail on info@tutormeacademy.co.uk

Why Us?

What we can offer

  • Professional male and female tutors
  • Small groups (Max 5)
  • Online 1-2-1 Tuition.
  • Modern, safe and welcoming environment
  • Evening & weekend tuition
  • Proven formula for results
  • Girls only tuition
  • Tailored tuition to child’s needs
  • Improve your child’s confidence
  • Free Bottled Water On-Site For Your Child